Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The last few days have been occupied with busywork. My worklist shows a dozen minor fixes to Swat: I deleted the NullOperator, because it didn't do anything, not even hold a place for an empty Operator. I got the right side menu panel resetting its items properly, got the loading of Event part requirements and audience values for verbs operating properly, and deleted the verb 'do anything' (it existed for theoretical purposes and I have now established that it will not be necessary.)

But I ran into a nasty little problem that will require some cogitation. Just now every verb has a reversed state. Thus, the verb 'sleep' has as its reverse value 'wake up', and 'accept request' reverses to 'reject request'. Sounds perfectly reasonable, doesn't it? But there's a problem: the consequences, emotional reactions, and roles of the reversed version of the verb are not necessarily mirror images of the consequences, emotional reactions, and roles of the direct verb. In some cases, they are reversed ('sleep' sets the value of Unconscious to true, and 'wake up' sets it to false), but in others they are merely negated, not reversed (for example, 'reject request' doesn't reverse the request, it only denies it.)

All my data structures are set up for the direct version of the verb, not both versions. So, should I simply get rid of the reversed versions and just add all the reversed versions as new verbs? Or should I try to preserve the reversal structure?

rumblety, rumblety, rumblety, rumblety...

That's the sound of cogitation in my creaky old mind.


Anonymous Paul Eres said...

How about you get rid of verb reversals but provide an easy mechanism for the storyworld designer to "create the inverse of this verb"?

3:33 PM  

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