Friday, March 17, 2006

To market, to market...

I'm off to the Game Developers Conference. I have a busy schedule during my four days in the Bay Area. I shall be speaking on two panels: one on Monday at 11:30 and the other on Thursday at 5:30. Irene is printing up a bunch of brochures, which I shall hand out at the conference. I'll also be speaking on Thursday afternoon at UC Santa Cruz. I have a meeting with Dr. Peter Jenniskens at the SETI Institute about the videotapes we took of the Leonid meteor storm of 1999. And Dave Walker and I have to resolve some very complicated technical issues about Swat and Storytron.

Meanwhile, the software is falling into shape. There are still a lot of gaps, but we have a basically functional Swat right now and Storytron does its core Deikto function correctly. I have not yet brought up the Engine (the third major component of the entire system), but the core routines are already separately operational and the task now is one of integration.

I had wanted to release an alpha Swat by this time, but it looks as if that won't happen for another couple of weeks. I want to get the dictionary in better shape before I release Swat.


Anonymous Joseph Limbaugh said...

Which one of these should we put comments in?

1:03 AM  
Anonymous aevarsson said...

What kind of system requirements do Swat and Storytron have, can they be run on any kind of a computer?

5:20 AM  
Blogger Dave Walker said...

Storytron will be web based and will run on any computer that can host Java 5 (which covers all the major bases--Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X).

Swat will run as a local Java 5 application, so it should run on all the same machines.

Since most of the work for Storytron will be done on the server, computing power will not be an issue (unless we put the 3D face rendering code on the client, then a good graphics card would be desirable--although, just about any card built in the last three years should do just fine). However, while Swat runs fairly quickly on our test machines--which are definitely NOT power houses--a two or three year old low power laptop or a Mac running OS 9 might be an issue. We really won't know until we've gotten the final code working.

3:13 AM  
Anonymous Paul Eres said...

Just FYI, this entry was posted twice... perhaps the one with no comments should be deleted?

4:00 PM  

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