Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The blog is dead, long live the bulletin board!

We have a nice bulletin board system up now; you can find it by clicking on the phrase "bulletin board" on the links above. Henceforth, we'll be able to carry on our discussions there in a more organized fashion. I expect that we'll be abandoning this blog soon, replacing it with topics in the bulletin board.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Swat Version 0.52

I have just uploaded Swat 0.52 to our website manager, Paulo. He's in a different time zone, but he'll get it up soon, probably before you read this. Here are the changes in this version:

1. A new menu, Swat, which contains the about box with the version and date, and a preferences pane that permits you to turn off the sounds.

2. A Redo function, but it doesn't work right, so it's disabled.

3. A scroll bar for the script pane.

4. Corrected a bug in which paste only works once. It arose because I failed to clone the object being pasted.

5. I attempted but failed to get working a feature that would preserve the state of the script tree under editing. Right now, if you close some of the operators, every time you edit something, they all open up again. Fortunately, this problem is partially ameliorated by the addition of the scroll bar to the script pane. I'll try to get this working.

6. A number of programming changes that make the code more robust.

See, I really do pay attention to your complaints and suggestions!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Immersive tutorial

Comments, evaluations, and questions about the immersive tutorial go here.

Step-by-step tutorial

Comments, evaluations, and questions about the step-by-step tutorial go here.

Questions about Swat

Post your questions about Swat here and someday we might even be able to answer them!

bugs in swat

Report bugs here. We know it's crawling with big, ugly bugs, but there's a good chance that you've found one of the three million species that we still haven't catalogued.

Swat is up!

At last, at last, Swat is up for downloading! At last you can see what all our hype is about. Just click on the link above that says, "swat", and it will take you to the introductory page that gives you all the information you need. We'll be posting specific blog entries for your to post your comments; please make sure to put your comment in the correct place (assuming you can find one that fits -- if you can't, just put it where-ever seems best to you.) We are already looking for proper bulletin board software so we can keep all this stuff straight.

We're eagerly looking forward to your reactions!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

He who praises me lavishly is my enemy; he who criticizes me correctly is my friend

...or at least that's my recollection of the adage. I don't know who the volunteer lab rats were, but you really tore my tutorial apart, and you have my sincere gratitude for it. I have been writing the Storytronics documentation for months, without actual feedback from budding storybuilders outside Storytron. I had to rely on a mental image I created of a beginning storybuilder, a poor substitute for the real thing. The present version of the tutorial is much improved thanks to you. May you treat it as harshly.